I am a proud U.S. Navy veteran that served my country during Desert Storm. I have been a resident of the Veteran Accession House for close to 2 years and have been so successful in reaching and exceeding my goals, not only as a father but as a U.S. veteran. My time here at VAH was well spent bettering myself, my career and most of all my well-being and overall health.

Along with my hard work and self-perseverance the VAH gave me the resources that I needed to make my successes happen. I met my good friend and veteran brother Leonard Ramirez at the Pleasanton Stand Down back in 2018 after experiencing homelessness for the second time in my adult life. I was interviewed and accepted to live here and have been nothing but blessed in my stay. I was given every accommodation that a veteran could possibly ask for during my residency at VAH.

My brother Leonard Ramirez always took time out of his busy schedule helping other veterans at the VAH to assist me with any questions that I might have or just to check in with me to see my progress. He connected me to other service agents, such as Alex Alexander, who provided the best kind of motivation and help that every veteran can appreciate in a time of need. Sometimes even late at night or on the weekends these gentlemen would make sure that all our needs were met and any assistance that was needed was always made available to each and every veteran at the VAH.

I also am very appreciative of Nubia Ramirez who helped me as well and always took the time out of her busy schedule to make sure all of mine and my fellow veteran brothers’ needs were met. Even if it was just taking the time out too see how I was doing in my everyday life. Both Nubia and Leonard displayed their love and appreciation for me and my other veteran brothers at the VAH. As a veteran that has experienced homelessness and battled disabilities, I felt as if I was part of a family that cared when not too many others did.

Since my residency at the VAH I’ve made advances such as obtaining a 100% service-connected disability pension and now starting the Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment program to return to school and obtain the skills that I need to begin a new career. These advances were made possible through my hard work and determination but without the resources and one on one help that I received while residing at the VAH, it would not have been possible. I am now scheduled to leave VAH, transitioning into permanent housing, which was something I could not have imaged without the help of the staff at VAH.

I would highly recommend any veteran that is struggling with homelessness or just needs help in general to reach out to the Veteran Accession House and get the tools and resources needed to better themselves and their wellbeing.

Best Regards to all my veteran brothers.

My name is Joey, I have been at VA accession house for 16 months. I came to program because I was homeless, at the same time trying to find a job and get into school. With little funds and even smaller resources, I was introduced and accepted into the VA Accession house by Leonard Ramirez, CEO of the house. Since, I have moved in the Accession House, I have been able to do multiple things of progress that I haven’t done before in my time of homelessness. For example, I am in my 4th semester of school and passing with flying colors. I am working again, and able to save money to move out on my own. This program is very ideal for students and working veterans. It gives you one less thing to worry about and gives you hope to succeed. Awesome place!

I am writing to thank your organization and you for the help I have received while staying at your home. I was accepted into your house when I was at risk of homelessness. l was welcomed with few conditions and was provided a single room. I appreciated that because I am an older man and have needs for privacy. I feel comfortable at the house, have access to house computers, Internet access and television services make my stay here a positive experience. I am only expected to contribute a small percentage of my monthly income toward house expenses. I enjoy the feeling of community with other guys who served in the military. All and all I feel safe, treat fair and respected as a person.

I hope the Veterans Accession House continues to serve guys like me, who might need a place to live while working through difficult times and transitioning to permanent housing.

Since my arrival at the Veterans Accession House my life has changed for the better in so many significant ways. After meeting with Leonard and getting accepted to VAH, many positive changes and blessings started to occur in my life. One being a full-time job with benefits with longevity and financial stability. The VAH also helped me ended my homelessness. Since arriving my health and well-being has improved. Most important, my seven years old daughter has re-entered my life and being housed close to her makes my visiting time with her frequent and much appreciated.

Having new resources and my hard work along with Leonard’s help while being here at the VAH has aided in many ways. My fellow veterans at the house give me encouragement and support to help me get back on my feet and maintain my well-being and stability. This all came at a time when not much help was offered and not a lot of emotional support was available to help me through my struggles. It so very rewarding and satisfying to have this support and peace of mind that we need to have for so very long. My housing stability will allow me to improve my life for many years to come. I am very grateful to VAH and Leonard Ramirez for the help and support we receive. I have a much better outlook of my life now and I am looking forward to all the advances and goals I plan to reach in the years ahead.

Merry Xmas Leonard, again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for gifting me the opportunity to accomplish a lot of things over the past year and some months. I look back and will continue to look back while going forward in life on your helpful hands, great wisdom; it will never be forgotten. You have a big heart and a gentle soul. I see it and maybe that’s why I open up to you or can relate a bit. I’m not just a normal person, I understand that. You see something in me, and you are taking a chance on me. I realize that, so my success is fueled by your belief in me and I will succeed. I envision one day, I will be successful marry again, and invite you to my wedding and talk about how all you’ve helped. Thanks Leonard 🙂