Four Day Event

Stand Down on the Delta 2023

This is a four-day event wherein Veteran’s receive services in Medical, Dental, Veterans Treatment Court, Housing, Job Placement, Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Stand Down on the Delta "Music Heals"

The Delta Veterans Groups “Stand Down on the Delta” September 8-11, 2023, will have bands from across California.  Darlyn Phillips is our Entertainment Director, she has been instrumental in recruiting the bands to play for free….  What she found was that many musicians in the SF Bay Area are Veterans themselves and they couldn’t wait to serve.. Veterans serving Veterans has a Honorable meaning in our Veterans Community.  The musicians and many of the bands have played at Stand Down on the Delta since it began in 2015.

These Veteran musicians keep coming back to serve their Veterans Community year after year just to say “Thank You for Your Service” and to give an uplift to the Veteran Participants Heart and Soul.

Thanks everyone for making the Veterans Job Fair so great!!

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