Legal Services for Homeless Veterans and Veterans At-Risk for Homelessness (LSV) Program.

It is recognized that veterans often experience a problem related to a legal responsibility that may be the result of a loss of income, change in family structure, change in health conditions and/or loss of housing. The goal of the LSV Program is to assist homeless and at-risk Veterans who have unaddressed needs for legal services, which may create barriers to housing stability. Services provided are designed to help Veterans increase housing stability by providing legal services, including eviction remediation, that will help Veterans avoid homelessness and or gain rapid rehousing.

Legal Aid Services

Entitlements for Service-Connected/ Non-Service-connected disability, EED, SSDI/ SSI and workers comp.

Estate planning, wills, living trusts, power of attorneys, deeds, trust preparation, and sworn affidavits services.

Legal workshops and offers services in the areas of probate and guardianship, parental rights, family court, uncontested divorce, and restraining orders.

Disputes for Service-Connected Disability, Non-Service-Connected Disability, VA Overpayments, Character Discharge Determination, Discharge Upgrades.

Housing Loss Prevention, Consumer Law, Domestic Violence, and Health Care Access.

Traffic fine waivers, consumer rights, bankruptcy, debt & credit correction, and labor disputes.

Support in gaining access to drug and or alcohol treatment, and behavioral- health courts.

Pending criminal charges acceptable for diversion court, and expungement of criminal convictions.

Veterans who require a higher level of legal assistance will be directed to qualified contract legal experts who possess the expertise to address their specific needs.