January VAH Update

Checking the boxes

This has been a busy month for us. In an effort to expand our base and better coordinate with existing Homeless resources, the Veterans Accession House has committed staff, to participate in the Contra Costa County Continuum of Care (CoC) community advisory committee. This has expanded our awareness of how the County directs services to fight homelessness in general. This included an active role in the annual County Count for Homeless to identify needs and plan for the effective allocation of limited resources to address homeless. Our efforts have connected us withthe County Adult Shelter system, the Coordinated Entry Program for the County. Lastly, we have also attended training with the County 211 Crisis Center and the CoC Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)to record persons as they navigate the homeless support service system. This is critical as our organization moves to incorporate the system’s use for the Veterans we service in the coming year.

It’s getting cold

Well, it is time to turn on the heater, and wouldn’t we know it?  So, the heater in our lower unit wouldn’t turn on. Had a heating system specialist inspect it with bad news, it had to be replaced. Of course, we are not financially situated to handle this expense, but our director, and landlord, didn’t hesitate to give the O.K. to have a new heating system installed, with remote capabilities so it can be managed offsite. Seriously necessary option, as the organization had spent nearly $700.00 dollars between the two units for electrical unities for December alone. No need to cite the cost for the new heating system, suffice to say it was more than we could afford.

Our Vets are warm, and that’s what matters!

Call for help

VAH has submitted an application to the Bob Woodruff Foundation, for funding to hiring a full time Supportive Services Case Manager. This is a sizable grant, which will augment our existing Keller Canyon small grant scheduled to end by June 2020. We have been fortunate to have a less than part-time case manager visit with or Veterans to work with them to develop their individual service plans and help tackle matters of employment, education and service-entitlements. Without the direct aid of an onsite case manager, we would only be proving transitional housing, one part of a large service program.
Lets keep on fingers crossed, and hope for a philanthropic blessing to carry on this critical service need.

Thanks for your continued support,

Leonard Ramirez
VAH Founder / CEO