February VAH Update

Welcome board members

We are excited to welcome Eduardo “Eddie” Ramirez and Dennis Rojas to the VAH Board. Each have an impressive work history. A word on each of these highly effective gentlemen.

Eddie is a retired Air Force Veterans and the Commander of the Troop 505, American Legion of San Francisco, and the Founder and CEO of OneVet, OneVoice.  He brings a great deal of organizational skills and a vast network of contacts and resources.

Dennis is an Army Veterans and current acting Program Coordinator for the Martinez VA Compensated Work therapy program. Both work-daily with Veterans on employment and service entitlements. We are fortunate to count them as member of our board.

I am confident that we can expect good things coming out of their roles as VAH board members.

Grant per diem

I am excited to announce that the Veterans Accession House has completed and submitted an application to the Veterans Affairs’ Grant Per Diem (GPD) program. The grant is for a Service Intensive Transitional Services and a Bridge housing program.

This has been three years in the waiting. With this award, we will be able to fulfill our program goal and mission to provide quality counseling services at the next level as a service provider. The GPD award will fund the hiring of two part-time MSW interns to provide Supportive Services Case Management directly to our Veterans.

The case managers will be supervised by a part-time Licensed, Clinic Social Worker (LCSW) to maximize the quality of service we will provide. Also, this award will fund the full-time employment of a House Manager to be entrenched in the living environment to directly assist Veterans in their daily living.

Lastly, the award will fund a full-time Administrative Assistance to oversee daily business operations, plus a funding of the existing Program Director on a part-time basis.  These combined agents will bring VAH to a level of quality service unmatched in local housing programs.

Finally, we will be funded and recognized for the work we already do.

When it rains, it pours

Well, with goodness, comes a little bad news. We sprung a water line link in our upper unit.  It turns out the 98-year old galvanized lead piping was started to leak. Due to the age of the piping, patch work was not an option.

Again, the organization could not afford to finance the repairs and our director and property owner, did not hesitate to give the go ahead for installation of new copper piping throughout the house.

This was a considerable undertaking, with major opening of the interior walls to access the old water system. This work is deeply appreciated, considering, the property owner accepts less than market rate for rent and more often than not, received less than full monthly payments.

Lets hope that once the GPD award is issued, we will be able to honor the lease contract for afford regular and full monthly payment.

Thanks for your continued support,

Leonard Ramirez
VAH Founder / CEO