eligibility for the vah program

Veterans Accession House is located in the Bay Area of Northern California. In order to be eligible for the VAH program, you must be:

  • Currently live within our service area (Northern California); be in or planning to attend school or work.
  • Individual male student and / or currently employed veteran.
  • Presently enrolled in an Institution of Higher Educational, Vocational Training School, or be Employed or willing to work.
  • A Veteran recieving or eligible to recieve services through Veterans Affairs.
  • Eligible to recieve VA Housing Assistance.
  • A Veteran receiving State, Federal Assistance, or VA Disability Compensation.
  • Be assessed as not meeting criteria for acute psychiatric or medical care.
Application Veterans Accession House


Military Branch of Service:

Date: a. Entered: b. Exit:

Type of discharge:

Service Connected:

Source of income:

Last four SSN:

Phone No:

Email Address:

Understanding the Mission and Goals of the Veterans Accession House (VAH), explain why you are interested in VAH, instead of another traditional Transitional Housing Program?

What do you hope to accomplish during your stay? What, where, when, how and why? Explain:

Employment? Explain:

Education? Explain:

Supportive medical/ counseling services::