We house a number of Veteran who were homeless due to their personal economic situation. This includes personal debt, cost of vehicle operations, insurance, commute and familial obligations. Though working or in school, some come seeking housing who can’t afford even the nominal cost to reside at one of our homes. Under these conditions, we offer accept selected Veterans into our program, under our humanitarian no-charge policy until they can stabilize and afford additional expenses. We ask your help to offset the operating cost to provide housing to one Veterans per housing we operate. Any contribution will be appreciated and help us afford the expense of housing two Veterans under this humanitarian program. 


$1,000 of $10,000


The College Fund provides scholarships and grants to resident student veterans for tuition, books, fees, school supplies, and other education related expenses. 


$210 of $5,000


We are seeking your compassionate help for us to replace the old tilting front cement steps and porch at our home for homeless Veterans. We are Veteran Accession House, a non-profit organization providing transitional housing for at-risk and or homeless Student and Working Veterans. Because the house was built in 1926, front porch and steps have settled and are listing to the right. This is problem presents a potential risk for trips or falls. Most of our Veterans have a disability, which could cause challenges to navigate their environment. We plea for your help to replace the steps and porch. We have received several estimates to make the needed removal and replacement of the Front steps and porch with an average cost of $12,000.00.  Any contribution will be appreciated and move us closer to our goal to begin this necessary work. 


$85 of $12,000


We are seeking to expand a bathroom. The fluctuating number of Veterans living in our homes place high demand on our bathrooms and laundry resources. To correct the shortage, we ask your help us to expand an existing bathroom. This would include pushing out and expanding an existing small shower stall and creating space for electrical and plumbing setups for a washer and dryer. We have received several estimates to tear out and do the work with an average cost of $8,500.00. Your contribution will help improve the living conditions for our Veterans.


$100 of $8,500