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Helping Those Who Served First

The principal goals of the Veterans Accession House Program are to break the cycle of homelessness by combining housing with supportive services, increase and or stabilize income, encourage personal growth, support education, and link achievements to employment.

Our Purpose

As a non-profit 501 (c) (3), VAH offers housing for Veterans who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, so they can focus on what is important to them, work on themselves, and to build a positive self-image. As a service provider, we have learned that there are many causes and contributors to homelessness, and that attitudes and practices which accelerate a Veteran into permanent housing before they are stabilized, could create more problems than it might solve, possibly perpetuating the cycle of their homelessness. It is important to listen to their life story, and their history of homelessness. This understanding will help aid us to design the best possible approach to helping them recover from their experience and to move toward readiness for independent living.


VAH offers two program types to reduce veteran homelessness. Our primary program emphasizes a Service Intensive Transitional Housing (SITH) approach, for a period appropriate to the needs of the individual, utilizing onsite Case Management to work with the Veterans to stabilize, connect with benefits and services, resolve deferred legal and financial matters, explore what is important to them, and increase income to prepare them for independent living.

VAH also offers Bridge Housing for HUD-VASH grantees. The Bridge program offers short-term transitional housing for Veterans who have been awarded a housing voucher but are still seeking suitable permanent housing.

Our Board of Directors management team are comprised of Veterans, Spouses of Veterans and those who have a proven track record of working in Veteran services. Thus, our motto is “Of the Troops, For the Troops.

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