“Veterans face many challenges, housing shouldn’t be one of them.”

Transitional Housing for veterans in the bay area

The principal goals of the Veterans Accession House Program are to provide Service Intensive Transitional Housing for veterans experiencing homelessness, to combine housing with supportive services, increase and or stabilize income, encourage personal growth, support education, and link achievements to employment.

Puller & Kyle Houses

Tillman House

Combining Housing & Support


Homeless and At-Risk veterans a safe and healthy living environment


On-site case management to assist with educational, vocation counseling, and health coaching.


Veterans with public and private agencies to help gain full access to Entitlements earned from their military service.


With veterans to identify interests, and develop career tracks to prepare them for independent living.


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My name is Joey, I have been at VA accession house for 16 months. I came to program because I was homeless, at the same time trying to find a job and get into school. With little funds and even smaller resources, I was introduced and accepted into the VA Accession house by Leonard Ramirez, CEO of the house. Since, I have moved in the Accession House, I have been able to do multiple things of progress that I haven’t done before in my time of homelessness...
- Joey